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About us

We are a family run and operated campground.  Our beautiful little park offers a sense of peace that is missing from today's crazy and busy world.  Cruisers is just outside of Nocona, a charming town and friendly community. The township is a treasure that captures the essence of Texas. Rich in history, it offers a vintage allure. The name, Cruisers RV PARK,  expresses  the nature of recreational travel. It also references the joy of boating at beautiful Lake Nocona and the classic car shows and meet-ups that are featured in Nocona and many of its surrounding the towns. Moreover, it fits our personal passion for classic and performance vehicles. 


Our vision

To encourage tourism to this wonderful community by offering a clean and pleasant campground for travelers. 

The comfort of home

Whether your RV is home or home-away-from-home, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Cruisers is ideal for serenity while still being close to the lake and town activities. A reasonable drive can take you to Fort Worth, Wichita Falls, or Oklahoma casino towns. 

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